Active Prospecting - More than just a brand.

So how does it work?


The Bulk e-mail system allows for you to split your clients into three categories:

  • New clients
  • Existing clients
  • Network clients or contacts

In addition, you can split these clients into English and Afrikaans clients.

Our e-mail system allows you to design personalized letters to each of these categories (refer to the sample documents section on the website for examples).

You can then choose to which clients you wish to send the e-mails to or you can send it to all of your clients. This is all done at the click of a button.

To market a new product or service to your clients is now that easy. One letter can distributed to all of them at the click of a button.

That's not all. Each e-mail sent to your clients will appear to have come from your e-mail address even though you have used our system to distribute them. Any response from your clients will therefore immediately land in your inbox for further action.


This system consists of the following features:

  • Online referral option by your client
  • Introduction letter to the referral by your client
  • Feedback to you and the referring client as to the referral's response
  • Database and reporting on activity
  • Manual capture of referrals

Online referral by your client

Each e-mail that is distributed to a client is an opportunity to ask the client to refer you to other people who might benefit from your services or products. The Active Prospecting system therefore makes provision for a link at the bottom of the e-mail to allow clients to refer you online!

Your client will see the following after clicking on the link:

Screenshot of referral insertion.

Introduction letter to the referral by your client

At Active Prospecting we believe that the best type of referral is the referral introduced by your client. But very few people ever ask their clients to make the introduction. For that reason we have taken the referral system a step further.

The system allows for you to design a personalized letter to referrals. In this letter you can give the referral background about yourself and your business, and also make the recommendation on behalf of your client. The Active Prospecting system will distribute this letter to the referral on behalf of the client.

In short, the recommendation you wrote, will be distributed automatically to the referral, but appear to have come directly from your client.

At Active Prospecting we also believe you should focus all your energy on hot leads and not chase after referrals that are not interested. For that reason we have made provision for the referral to respond online by clicking on one of four options at the bottom of their e-mail:

Screenshot of feedback.

Feedback to you and the referring client as to the referral's response

Any response from the referral will be e-mailed to you and your client immediately. This will then give you the opportunity to act immediately in the case of the referral requesting an appointment (never will a lead be hotter than at that point).

Database and reporting on activity

During the whole process your database will be kept up to date with new referrals entered and responses received from referrals. On a weekly basis a report will be e-mailed to you reflecting the movement on your client database for the past week.

Manual capture of referrals

The purpose of the website is not to stop you from prospecting whilst at an appointment with your clients. Any referral received from your clients can be manually added by yourself. That way the referral will still receive the introduction letter from the referring client and the whole process stays the same.


The Active Prospecting system will send your client a personal birthday e-mail on your behalf. Depending on the clients language they will receive an Afrikaans or English message.

Although we distribute these e-mails it will still appear to come directly from your e-mail address. Any response from your client will land directly into your inbox.


The Active Prospecting system will assist you in keeping contact with your clients at least five times a year. But, with our bulk e-mail system, you have the tools to contact your clients as often as you like.

Every contact is another opportunity for you to do business with your client, or a reminder to your client to refer you to other people.

All the time you clients know that you are still there for them whenever they need you.