Active Prospecting - More than just a brand.

Welcome to the Active Prospecting website

This is a first in South Africa, and is truly unique! It is designed to assist people in their own businesses to obtain optimum usage of the biggest resource they have – their existing client base.

At Active Prospecting we assist our members in achieving their goals in their business by ensuring:

  • Comeback business from their existing clients through regular marketing of their products or services.
  • A steady inflow of new clients into their business through a process of regular networking and prospecting.
  • A satisfied and loyal client that does not stray to the competition at the first opportunity they get.

So how do we achieve that?

The Active Prospecting system consists of three very unique features:

  • The bulk e-mail system
  • The Networking and Prospecting system
  • The client contact system

When working with clients you constantly need to work on ways to expand your client base and increase your productivity. The only way to really achieve that is to ensure your clients are kept up to date with new developments and services/products in your business. You also need to network and prospect for referrals at every opportunity, whether it is from a newly acquired client, or from your existing client base.

That is where Active Prospecting comes in.